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Leadership training & development

The most challenging part of the work of every manager is people management, 'getting things done through people' and motivating individuals and teams to perform in the required direction. Rather some managers on not equipped well enough for this leadership role and can develop their competencies to be an effective team leader. Leading individuals and teams to top performance is the challenge for every manager.

Leading people is about behavior and interpersonal skills and competencies. It refers to motivating individuals and teams, unlocking their potential and performance and getting commitment for important changes Only a few fail in management because of a lack of knowledge. More fail because of their skills in leading their team to great performance.

The mission of CDC Nederland is to help managers to develop their leadership competencies.

Leadership development starts with the awareness of your skills and competencies in leading people and teams. Building upon this awareness, a development plan needs to be designed. An active investment to acquire the required leadership competencies is the next step towards development.

CDC Nederland is active in Management Development programs of companies that invest in the leadership effectiveness of their managers.